Women’s Resource Center Receives Grant

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Economic abuse is more common than physical abuse and can leave a survivor with their entire financial support structure shattered. The Women’s Resource Center is excited to announce it’s been awarded an $8,000 grant from The Robert H. Spitz Foundation, administered by the Scranton Area Community Foundation to help alleviate some of this financial insecurity.

The grant supports WRC survivors in obtaining or maintaining a job or an education that will lead to their financial freedom.

“The only way for survivors to remain independent of an abusive relationship is to have access to a sustainable income to support themselves and their children. WRC seeks to increase the economic well-being of survivors by addressing the financial needs that are directly linked to their ability to escape violence and stay out of an abusive relationship.” according to Peg Ruddy, Executive Director, of the Women’s Resource Center.

Additionally, the grant also provides services for their pets. Often survivors are forced to decide between leaving their pets behind or staying to protect them. It is estimated that 65% of victims stay in abusive relationships for the safety of their pets. The availability of supplies and access to kenneling enable survivors to be able to leave an abusive relationship. Many times a pet can be a major source of comfort to a survivor and their family. It’s important WRC has resources to bring their pets to help during an extremely difficult time.

“The pet program is truly amazing, and a tremendous help. The advocate genuinely cared about my cat and the progress she made at becoming strong and healthy. They were also very attentive toward me with vet appointment reminders, recommendations, and resources. I am very grateful.” said Jamie, a WRC program participant.

A huge thank you to the Robert H. Spitz Foundation for making this grant possible.