Tobyhanna’s Latest Employees of the Quarter

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Although many different things go into running a world class business, at the end of the day, it is the people that matter the most. That is why every three months, Tobyhanna Army Depot (TYAD) chooses two employees to be named their Employees of the Quarter (EoQ).

On a depot of about 3,500 people, there are many great candidates to choose from. This quarter, Shana Fields of the Production Management Directorate and Raymond Loewenthal of the C4ISR Directorate have been selected as the junior and senior honorees respectively.

Fields currently serves as a secretary and has been a member of Team Tobyhanna for about six and a half years. During her time at TYAD, she has provided high levels of service and support at both branch and division levels. She is responsible for maintaining communication with all 70 divisional personnel members across both the C4ISR Integration & Fabrication Division and Avionics & Sensors Division. She has been credited for her exceptional accuracy when tracking personnel pay and leave, managing government travel and purchase requirements, and ensuring requests are processed through the approval chain to meet required time and documentation suspense.

Chief of the C4ISR Integration and Fabrication Program Management Division, Mike Monroe, lauded Fields for her drive and professionalism.

“Shana’s service has consistently epitomized initiative, professionalism, endurance, competence, efficiency and accuracy,” said Monroe. “Those attributes, combined with her infectious, positive attitude have made her a leader within the division that all personnel come to for advice, clarity and support.”

Fields is also known for trying to find new, efficient ways to achieve her work. Despite having to manage many different tasks, she has maintained a “Six Sigma” reputation for her remarkable accuracy, meaning she has the skills to find, fix and finalize efficiencies to save time and money and improve our nation’s ready forces at the best value. This laser focus is directly credited for the division’s seamless record in meeting suspense dates on all tasks and correspondence.

Monroe said that Fields’ selflessness is one of her most admirable qualities.

“Shana is known for her willingness to take on further work and responsibility,” said Monroe. “Her attitude and work ethic consistently bring great credit upon herself and are recognized across the organization as someone who always puts her fellow employees, and the mission to support the Warfighter, ahead of herself.”

Fields said that receiving this honor only solidifies the appreciation she has felt ever since she started at TYAD.

“One great thing about my job is that I have never felt unappreciated,” said Fields. “It feels great to receive this honor. I feel as though it reinforces the acknowledgement I have received here for a while.”

Known for his ability to take initiative and work diligently, Loewenthal is an Electronics Mechanic and has been a member of Team Tobyhanna for 18 years. When his team recently experienced a failure to the MSS AN/TRC-194 terminal that prevented them from performing final testing and inspection of assets, Loewenthal sprang into action and was able to determine the failed component, work with engineers to find a replacement, and work proactively with his teammates to install it. His hard work and ingenuity restored the terminal to full mission capable status.

Chief of the MILSATCOM Branch, Christian Cognigni, commended Loewenthal for not only setting a great example for his teammates, but also living the Army Values.

“Mr. Loewenthal set a great example for new employees and seasoned co-workers alike. His actions demonstrate taking ownership of his workload, identifying priorities, good problem solving skills and excellent communications skills. He also displayed initiative, focus, diligence and attention to his assigned duties,” said Cognigni. “His example in this effort reinforces the Army Values and has been recognized by other departments within the TYAD organization.”

Loewenthal’s efforts benefitted TYAD in both the near and long term. Not only was the MSS AN/TRC-194 Satellite Terminal restored to full operational status in a timely manner, but the attention brought to this failing part has ensured no down time will be incurred if it is a problem again in the future.

Cognigni said that he appreciates Loewenthal’s willingness to do something that is outside of his usual responsibilities.

“This entire effort was outside his ‘comfort zone,’” said Cognigni. “Ray needed a degree of courage to take on this responsibility for us and we appreciate him stepping up.”

Loewenthal has also been selected as the CECOM Employee of the Quarter. He said that he appreciates being recognized for his hard work.

“It feels great to have received this honor,” said Loewenthal. “Although I have had a long career, it takes time to earn great things so I couldn’t be happier that the work has paid off.”