Tobyhanna Army Depot Extends Strategic Planning Focus

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Tobyhanna Army Depot has announced its newest strategic planning target: the year 2035.

An offshoot of the TOBY2028 effort, TOBY2035 has four strategic focus areas: Investing in Our People, C5ISR Readiness, Shape the Future and Strategic Communications – all aimed at posturing the organization for success in the year 2035.

The strategic refocus serves two main purposes, according to Organizational Development Specialist Heather Fiedler.

“It has always been our intent to continue moving the target. Readjusting our focus to 2035 allows us to be nested with the Army’s overall strategic plan and align with the 15-year modernization plan for all organic industrial base entities,” she said.

TOBY2035 represents a continuation of the depot’s aggressive, future-focused strategic planning efforts, building upon incredible success with the plan’s predecessors, TOBY2028, and TOBY2020.  Each plan resulted in significant accomplishments for each line of effort.

Under the Invest in Our People banner, Fiedler says employee development programs, such as the “In Their Boots” shadowing program and developmental rotation opportunities, have made a big difference.

“These voluntary opportunities encourage employees and supervisors to develop new perspectives of operations, broaden their network and knowledge, and increase empathy toward peers while learning about their experiences in the workplace.”

A key achievement by the C5ISR Readiness line of effort was the establishment of a dedicated Business Intelligence team, focused on consolidating and standardizing production reports – enabling leadership the tools they need to make the best decisions for the organization.

The Shape the Future line of effort is developing a microelectronics strategy assessment to determine if Tobyhanna can support the microelectronics market in support of domestic supply chain shortages.

“As a result of the supply chain challenges facing the Department of Defense Tobyhanna recognizes the need to build an agile and flexible microelectronics capability to support overarching defense strategies,” said Katlin Edmunds, Chief of the Strategic Initiatives Office and leader of the Shape the Future line of effort.

Among the Strategic Communications line of effort’s accomplishments is a major upgrade to audio systems across the depot, reducing downtime and increasing wide access to information disseminated audially. The team also re-tooled communications processes to heighten inclusivity to individuals with disabilities.