The Wright Centers Celebrate National Doctors Day in Honor of Nation’s Medical Heroes

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The red carnation is a well-known symbol of National Doctors Day for good reason. It signifies the important qualities of sacrifice, empathy and bravery that are synonymous with successful physicians everywhere.

I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge our own physicians at The Wright Centers for Community Health and Graduate Medical Education, and those in the region and around the world for the work they do for their patients, communities and medical profession. It is both a challenging and immensely rewarding career that is difficult to put into context. Years of study and perfecting your craft are followed by long hours and thought-provoking cases that can lead to heartbreak, enormous satisfaction and even exuberance.

As you can see, health care is also an emotional rollercoaster filled with complex issues, medical advancements, new technology and information that all lead up to diagnosis and treatment of you – our patients.

Healing people with their knowledge and insight, society has profoundly benefitted from the care of physicians. In both sickness and in health, they are there for us, as their commitment and investment in our care never wavers, no matter how dire the circumstances may be.

As days turned to weeks, and weeks turned to months, the global pandemic extended into years and tested the best of us in the medical field. Our resolve to care for our regular patients and those infected with a mysterious and sometimes deadly virus did not wane, as we followed the science to treat symptoms and remained united for the overall good of humanity.

Today, we have more tools in our toolbox to successfully fight COVID-19’s variants and we collectively talk to our patients and the public, educating them about the efficacy and safety of the vaccines which have undergone countless research studies that have proven their effectiveness in reducing serious illness, hospitalization and death. COVID-19 has not been eradicated, but normalcy is slowly returning, thanks to the sacrifices of many health care providers.

I am truly inspired by the care and compassion our resident physicians, physician faculty and doctors show our Northeast Pennsylvania community. Together, we provide primary care and teach the next generation of physicians at The Wright Center. This national day of recognition is a special opportunity to personally thank our compassionate and trusted physicians who put their patients’ needs above their own by going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure our health care needs are their top priority. Many of these same physicians – an estimated 1,062,205 in the United States – have seen and treated generations of families and have become part of an extended family.

On this Thursday, March 30, please reach out and say “thank you” to your family doctor or specialty physician or surgeon who has left a lasting impression on you, your family and your own health. After all, physicians respond to late-night calls, work holidays and provide reliable care with you in mind. Now more than ever, we know the value of good doctors who fight against disease and illness and put the health of their communities first – 365 days a year.

Jignesh Y. Sheth, M.D., a primary care physician dually board-certified in internal medicine and addiction medicine, leads The Wright Center for Community Health as chief medical officer and as senior vice president of clinical operations, enterprise IT and education integrations for The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education. He sees patients at The Wright Center’s Mid Valley Practice in Jermyn and lives with his family in Clarks Summit.