The Wright Center for Community Health Launches Online Smart Bot “Neo”

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The Wright Center for Community Health recently launched “Neo,” a secure patient-friendly smart bot on its website to help new and existing patients directly schedule appointments, refill prescriptions, learn about available COVID-19 services and more.

By clicking on the easily identifiable icon, located at the bottom right-hand corner of the website (, consumers can start a convenient chat session with a live agent. “Neo” can find the nearest primary care location, help schedule an appointment, refill prescriptions, share the latest COVID-19 information, address billing questions and more.

“Neo” begins the online interaction with the user by asking for a first name. It then offers a suite of options. The consumer can select, for example, assistance with making an office appointment with their primary care provider for themselves or a family member.

“The Wright Center for Community Health strives to be on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to providing and delivering the best health care and information possible in Northeast Pennsylvania,” said Jignesh Y. Sheth, M.D., chief medical officer and senior vice president at The Wright Center. “The new technology is all about making it more convenient for patients to take care of their health needs while empowering them to schedule appointments directly online without having to go through a call center.”

Users of the technology can also navigate the system to address their COVID-19 needs. The smart bot allows them to go through a menu of options that will help them effortlessly address vaccination, testing or monoclonal antibody infusion therapy appointments or ask general questions about the pandemic.

In addition, “Neo” has learning capabilities that will streamline and personalize future interactions with the smart technology. HIPAA compliant, the friendly chatbot is safe and secure when it comes to protecting patient privacy. The bot also will be phased into Facebook Messenger and eventually allow for direct SMS texting capabilities.