The Scranton Cultural Center Bringing Ancient Aliens to the Masonic Temple

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Listing Information:

WHAT:  Ancient Aliens LIVETM: Project Earth

WHEN:  May 1 at 7:30 PM  |  Doors at 7:00 PM

WHERE:  Scranton Cultural Center at the Masonic Temple, Weinberg Theatre;420 N. Washington

                  Avenue – Scranton, PA 18503

PRICES:  $52.70 – $74.90.  VIP Upgrade Package available.

*Panelist Headshots available at:

The Scranton Cultural Center at the Masonic Temple will host Ancient Aliens LIVE: Project Earth, a live, in-person event that will explore questions as old as the planet itself: Have extraterrestrials visited Earth? Are they here now, and when will they reveal themselves? 

The ninety-minute live experience taking place on May 1 celebrates the long-running program Ancient Aliens on The HISTORYâ Channel and features Ancient Astronaut theorist Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, investigative mythologist William Henry, aerospace engineer, UK government UFO investigator Nick Pope, and real-life Indiana Jones, David Childress, as they discuss thought-provoking extraterrestrial theories on fan-favorite topics from Ancient Egypt to the moon, and paves for us the long road to Disclosure.  

Ancient Aliens LIVE: Project Earth is an experiential extension of Ancient Aliens that explores the theory that extraterrestrials have visited Earth for millions of years.  Ancient Aliens LIVE: Project Earth will bring the same curiosity and in-depth examination to the questions, speculations, provocative controversies, first-hand accounts, and grounded theories surrounding this age-old debate.  

In addition to engaging panel discussions and an audience Q&A, the event will also offer attendees the opportunity to purchase VIP upgrade photo opportunity with the stars, and exclusive Ancient Aliens LIVE: Project Earth merchandise.  

Tickets for Ancient Aliens LIVE: Project Earth tour go on sale December 1 at 10 AM at the Fidelity Bank Box Office at the SCC in person or by calling (570) 344-1111, or via Ticketmaster.  For more information or to view a full schedule of events, visit