The Greenhouse Project Honeybee & Harvest Day at Nay Aug Park

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The Greenhouse Project is excited to announce a community fall festival: Honeybee & Harvest Day on Saturday, Oct 2, 2021 from 12-4 p.m. at The McNulty Greenhouse in Nay Aug Park.  It’s a free, family-friendly, all ages community day which celebrates Honeybees and the harvest season. The event features an all-ages Honeybee Costume Parade through Nay Aug Park, harvest demonstrations, apple cider making, pumpkin & face painting, local food and vendors, music, and fun craft activities. 

The Honeybee Costume Parade encourages everyone making their own honeybee costume and joining the fun. Participating “Bees’ ‘ will gather to form the parade in Nay Aug Park, in the parking lot near The Treehouse at 12 noon. The parade will begin shortly after, and march with members of the Scranton High School Band on the way to The McNulty Greenhouse where the Honeybee & Harvest Day festival will take place. On route to The Greenhouse, the parade will briefly stop to honor some of our essential “worker bees” at Geisinger CMC at 12:30.

Executive Director Jane Risse states, “The Greenhouse Project is so pleased to offer Honeybee & Harvest Day. It will be a lively celebration of honeybees and other pollinators and their vital role in the production of our food. We invite members of the community to come join in The Honeybee Costume Parade and festival. It will be a lively visual spectacle that further proves that Scranton is a happening destination.”

Honeybee & Harvest Day is sponsored by Geisinger and Toyota of Scranton, and hosted in cooperation with Scranton Municipal Recreation Authority (SMRA) and the City of Scranton.

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