The Dime Bank Supports Lacawac Sanctuary

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The Dime Bank donated $9,750.00 to Lacawac Sanctuary to support their hands-on academic enrichment and innovative educational programs. The Lacawac Sanctuary is a non-profit conservation, research, and education center providing the community with a host of quality environmental, historical, and cultural programs.

$7,500.00 was donated through the PA Department of Community and Economic Development’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit program to support Lacawac Sanctuary’s mission to educate students with important ecological and environmental science lessons, strengthening academic achievement in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. On-site visits to Lacawac, off-site teachings at schools, educational workshops, and curriculum for afterschool sessions are just some of Lacawac’s innovative and educational offerings.

$1,000.00 was donated as a corporate sponsorship, $1,000.00 was donated as an epicurean sponsorship of the 8th Annual Farm to Plate Dinner event, and $250.00 was donated to the Cocktails for Conservation fundraiser. All three help with the Sanctuary’s mission to help promote environmental understanding through education and conservation.

“Many schools have insufficient funding to create their own programs that allow students to explore our diverse lake and forest habitats. Lacawac’s programs are multidisciplinary and geared towards a wide audience. We are happy to support this vital sanctuary that is available not only to our students but to people of all ages,” stated The Dime Bank Vice President Marketing Deb Unflat.