Dime Bank Brings Financial Education to Schools

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The Dime Bank donated $9,000.00 to the nonprofit Brighter Financial Futures, operating as the Pennsylvania Council on Financial Literacy. This contribution, facilitated through the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) Program, benefits students in the Wayne Highlands, Wallenpaupack, and Delaware Valley school districts, as well as Canaan Christian Academy, through the Personal Finance Education Program.

The Personal Finance Program combines three components: a personal finance curriculum covering financial and business topics, a stock market challenge simulation for teaching stock market investment, and a personal budgeting game simulation to educate students on credit, budgeting, net worth, and financial well-being for an improved quality of life.

Congratulations to all the participants, with a special recognition to the top three students in each of the following categories:

High School: 1st Place – Connor Selfridge/Delaware Valley High School; 2nd Place – Aidan Beheran/Wallenpaupack Area High School; 3rd Place – Micah Musser/Canaan Christian Academy. Middle/Elementary School: 1st Place – Xander Wilcox/Wayne Highlands Middle School; 2nd Place – Sutton Rizzo/Wallenpaupack Middle School; 3rd Place – Diana Sutton/Wallenpaupack Elementary School. Personal Budgeting Challenge: 1st Place – Brooklyn Moody/Wayne Highlands; 2nd Place – Micah Musser/Canaan Christian Academy; 3rd Place – Mark Reinhardt/Delaware Valley.

The first-place winners of the Stock Market Challenge, Xander Wilcox of the Wayne Highlands Middle School and Connor Selfridge of the Delaware Valley High School received a Chromebook, a $100.00 gift card, and The Dime Bank gift basket. All other students received gift cards, as did the teachers.

President and Chief Executive Officer Peter Bochnovich commented, “Mastering personal finance skills is crucial for laying a strong foundation for future accomplishments. That’s why we believe this program is highly beneficial for students to help them improve their understanding of financial management.”