The Dime Bank Celebrates Employee Milestones

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Every year, The Dime Bank hosts a dinner celebration to recognize and honor employees marking five-year career milestones with the organization. In 2024, nineteen employees were celebrated by The Dime Bank, one employee with an impressive 40 years!

The bank values these anniversary events as crucial for acknowledging and showing gratitude for the dedication and effort of its employees. It’s a special occasion to commemorate their accomplishments, milestones, and commitment to The Dime Bank.

President and Chief Executive Officer commented, “Our employees at The Dime Bank are truly appreciated as they contribute to making our bank unique. Their positivity, dedication, and loyalty ensure that our customers receive exceptional service. Each employee is highly valued and plays a crucial role in the success of The Dime Bank. We extend our gratitude to them for their dedication and hard work.”

Pictured at the dinner celebration with years of service in brackets:

Bottom left to right– Karen Brown (40); Michelle Urban (20), Lisa Steiner (20).

Top left to right– Raynell Lenz (10), Amy Caggiano (10), Justin Mikolaski (10), Lisa Cavage (10); Maurice Dennis (5), Linda Matylewicz (5), Kristina Rode (5), Erika Norman (5), Eva Pino (5), Emily Rice (5), Ferdinand Feola (5).

Not pictured: Barbara Marsicano (20), Gwynn Bartholomay (10), Donna Peters (5), Shiann Hook (5), Christopher Kearney (5).