The Chamber and SLIBCO Announces Successful Land Sale to N&N Drilling

Chamber News

The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce announces the closing of a land transaction within the Valley View Business Park. Lot 14B, totaling 3.76 acres of prime industrial land, has been acquired by N&N Drilling, a prominent local business headquartered in Jessup, PA. The sale was facilitated by Scranton Lackawanna Industrial Building Company (SLIBCO), the Chamber’s business development affiliate.

N&N Drilling, founded in 1967, has been a cornerstone of northeastern Pennsylvania’s industrial landscape for over five decades. Specializing in the manufacturing of drilling supplies, the company has garnered a reputation for precision, innovation, and reliability in serving diverse industrial sectors.

This strategic acquisition by N&N Drilling represents a significant milestone not only for the company but also for the economic vitality of the region. By expanding its footprint within the Valley View Business Park, N&N Drilling is poised to enhance its operational capabilities, pursue new opportunities, and contribute further to the growth and prosperity of the local community.

“N&N Drilling Supply is pleased to announce the acquisition of land in the Valley View Business Park. This expansion allows us to increase our production capacity, explore new product development opportunities, and ultimately create more jobs in the region. We’re also delighted to welcome the third generation of our family into the business. Having Marco, Gary III., and Juliano join our team over the past year is a testament to the generations of hard work and dedication that have built this company for over 58 years,” shared Greg Nieto.

“We’re excited for the fresh ideas and perspectives they’ll bring, and we’re confident they’ll help us continue to thrive for many years to come right here in Northeastern PA and beyond. We’re excited for the future and look forward to being a part of the continued growth of Northeastern Pennsylvania.”

The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce extends its congratulations to both SLIBCO and N&N Drilling on the successful completion of this transaction. This sale exemplifies the Chamber’s commitment to fostering economic development, promoting entrepreneurship, and facilitating strategic partnerships that benefit businesses and residents alike.

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