The Catherine McAuley Center Services Continue Despite Reconstruction

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Krista Murray, the executive director, had important choices to make on Thursday when she was told that the sewer line was in need of complete reconstruction at the Administration building. She could shut down the Administration Office and go remote, having programs hold steady for those already being served or come up with a plan within 24 hours of how to continue to provide critical services to those who come to the Center door each day. Beyond the shelter of a roof and walls, the Catherine McAuley Center’s emergency shelters and housing programs offer a host of other important grassroots programming including a food pantry, hygiene closet, period product pantry, and the family support program that provides necessary assistance and referrals for those facing homelessness.

To clear the area into which the reconstruction will be taking place, the Catherine McAuley Center will be offering additional items tomorrow, July 14th from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m. at its Administrative Offices. Diapers, hygiene items, period products, food packages, and more will be available while supplies last.

The Center will continue to serve the community with all its programs and services throughout the reconstruction.

“We serve people in crisis each day. Even during this setback, we understand the privilege we have in each other. We know that our staff, our board, volunteers, and others in the community will support us so that we can continue to support those that need us most.”

For more information on our programs and services, or how you can support the Catherine McAuley Center during this time, you can call the main phone number at 570 342-1342.