Space Time Mead & Cider Works Announces Winner of Label Art Competition

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Space Time Mead & Cider Works is pleased to announce Megan Runco of Scranton as the winner of the Third Annual Space Time Mead & Cider Works Label Art Competition. Runco’s piece Fragility in Bloom won both the Judges’ Selection and the People’s Choice Selection out of 16 entries.

The winning artwork. Created using pencil and alcohol inks on yupo paper.

This year’s theme is the “Overview Effect,” which is the shift in perspective that astronauts experience in observing Earth from space. “Many people experienced their own perspectives and priorities shifting because of the global pandemic,” said Dan Schreffler, President/Winemaker of Space Time Mead & Cider Works. “Megan’s work really captured both a different way to view the world and a hope for a better future.”

Runco’s artwork will be featured on the label of a wine named “The Overview Effect.” The style and release date of the wine are yet to be determined. “This artwork needs a special wine worthy of the label Megan created,” added Schreffler.

“I felt very excited and honored to have my art selected to be a part of a great local product,” said Runco. “The work was inspired from the fragile, yet important role flowers and pollination play in the balance of life. I wanted this piece to represent something so important yet quite delicate.”

Dan Schreffler of Space Time Mead & Cider Works presenting $200 check to Brent Guzik, Communications Manager, Everhart Museum.

The competition raised $200, which was donated the Everhart Museum.  “The Everhart Museum is grateful to Space Time Mead & Cider Works for its dedication to promoting and celebrating local artists, as well as for its generous contribution to the Everhart’s mission of educating, inspiring, and enriching our community through natural history, science, art, and humanities,” said Brent Guzik, Everhart Museum communications manager.