Scranton Cultural Center Announces New Security Protocols

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The Scranton Cultural Center at the Masonic Temple announces new and enhanced security protocols. These are set to go into effect beginning at next weekend’s “Jesus Christ Superstar” performances (October 27 – 29), presented by Broadway in Scranton. The largest change is a clear bag policy. Under this new policy, only wristlets or wallets up to 4” x 6” x 1” or clear bags up to 12” x 12” x 6” will be allowed into the facility. All other purses, bags and backpacks will be prohibited.

“The safety and security of our patrons is of our highest concern,” said SCC Executive Director, Deborah Moran Peterson.  “We understand that this new policy will be an adjustment for those visiting our venue, however it is quickly becoming the industry standard.”

Additional security measures include wanding and bag checks of all patrons by a security team, as well as the prohibition of items such as smoking materials (lighters, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, matches or other flammable items, e-cigarettes and vaping materials), pocket knives, weapons, or any other threatening objects, bottles, cans, glass containers and outside food or drink of any kind, including water bottles.  Should patrons bring any of these items, they will be asked to return them to their vehicles.

“We fully support the enhanced security measures being taken by the Scranton Cultural Center to

ensure the safety and enjoyment of our Broadway patrons.” said Broadway Theatre League Executive Director Frank Blasi.

Patrons are reminded to allow extra time for security screenings to ensure they make it to their seats at the start of the show.  It is recommended to arrive at the venue 30-45 minutes prior to show time, allowing an additional 10-15 minutes for parking. Additionally, there is no re-entry into the Center for patrons once they have entered and gone through security inspection. Patrons who exit the building will not be readmitted.

For a full breakdown of the Scranton Cultural Center’s 2023-2024 Security Protocols, visit