Robert H. Spitz Foundation Grant Supports Outreach Center for Community Resources

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In photo (left to right): Frank Caputo, Grants & Communications Coordinator, Scranton Area Community Foundation, Administrator of the Robert H. Spitz Foundation; Cathy Fitzpatrick, Grants & Scholarship Manager, Scranton Area Community Foundation; Eve Schell and Alicia Olivetti, Outreach Early Head Start Family Development Specialists, Jack Nogi, Trustee, Robert H. Spitz Foundation

The Robert H. Spitz Foundation awarded a $25,000 grant to support the programs and services that Outreach provides to the regional community. Outreach serves a broad population of those affected by poverty and other challenges: single parents, unemployed workers, educationally at-risk children, veterans, individuals with health, behavioral and cognitive issues, individuals in recovery, and others in transition. Outreach improves the lives of over 4,000 adults and children each year with award-winning workforce and family development programs that support individuals as they navigate through life’s challenges.

The support from the Robert H. Spitz Foundation supports Outreach programs and services that are being provided at the Center on Seventh Avenue, virtually, and through home visiting child-serving programs. The Robert H. Spitz Foundation grant will provide the operational support necessary for Outreach to respond to the increased need being experienced in the community for workforce and family services and programs.

The Robert H. Spitz Foundation supports initiatives and programs serving the residents of Lackawanna County and Northeastern Pennsylvania. Robert H. Spitz was born in Scranton and was a 1955 graduate of Scranton Central High School and the University of Miami, Florida. Before retirement, Mr. Spitz had been employed by the U.S. Department of Labor and was also the owner of several local Arby’s restaurants. Since 2015, the Robert H. Spitz Foundation has provided over $3.7 million in funding to the community. The Scranton Area Community Foundation serves as the administrator of the Robert H. Spitz Foundation.