Policy Statements

POLICY STATEMENTS – Adopted by the Board of Directors March 18, 2016

Our Mission is to improve the area’s economic environment and quality of life by providing programs and services which stimulate economic growth, promote business prosperity, nurture educational opportunities, and serve the best interests of the people. In order to best serve our local community, we aim to address the priorities set forth below.

  1. Infrastructure
    • Our region and Commonwealth must maintain adequate and reliable infrastructure systems, including transportation, utilities, telecommunications and broadband – to facilitate the free flow of goods and commerce, assure the mobility of our citizens, and maintain the basic services necessary for manufacturing and commerce. These systems need to be adequately funded and incorporate efficiencies in construction, reconstruction, and delivery. (Adopted March 18, 2016)
  2. Taxes
    • In seeking to attract, sustain and grow business in the Greater Scranton area, local, state and federal taxes, and tax policies should be competitive, predictable, fair, and simple. Likewise tax rules should be clear, direct, and easy to understand in order to improve compliance and reduce the cost of administration. (Adopted March 18, 2016)
  3. Energy and the Environment
    • U.S., Pennsylvania and regional communities need environmental and energy policies that balance economic growth in energy producing industries with environmental controls that are appropriate and sensible. These policies should allow competition between producers and suppliers from all energy sectors; maintain competitiveness with other states; and enable businesses to secure a reliable supply of energy produced and delivered on a competitively priced basis.
    • We encourage greater use of Northeastern Pennsylvania’s various natural resources while using appropriate, reasonable and currently achievable environmental controls based on sound and verifiable science. (Adopted March 18, 2016)
  4. Health Care
    • Quality healthcare and sustainable costs must be a priority. Allowing for competition; advancing the use of efficient and effective technology; promoting proven wellness and chronic disease management programs in the workplace; and offering a variety of options in health plans for employers and employees should be encouraged. (Adopted March 18, 2016)
  5. Education/Workforce Development
    • Access to a skilled and trained workforce is vital to the competitiveness of our regional economy. As such, we support a public education system that establishes clear accountability and provides every child with the opportunity to receive a quality education. The Chamber supports efforts that prepare students for college or a career once they graduate, including more programs that give students the skills and qualifications for prospective jobs, smarter monetary investments in education, and greater transparency and culpability in the education system.
    • Providing opportunities for learning that continues after graduation is vital for workers in a constantly changing economy. We support effective and tailored workforce development programs that are key to giving present and future workers the skills needed for employment in an ever changing technology based economy. (Adopted March 18, 2016)
  6. Effective Government
    • Our businesses need assurance that their voices are heard on important policy decisions that affect the climate of commerce; the well-being of their workers; and the training of our current and future generation.  Effective government is the essence of this principle.  Close working relationships with elected officials and sharing important information with our employers is critical to the success of this initiative.  The Chamber will be active in providing advice, opinion and recommendations on public policy and legislative matters that affect the business climate in our region, our state and our nation. (Adopted September 15, 2017)