Pocono Farms Country Club Association, Inc. Awards Scholarships

Members News

At their Member-Member Memorial Dinner held on 7/23/21, the Pocono Farms Country Club Golf Scholarship committee awarded 4 Pocono Farms graduating seniors with a total of $5,500 in scholarship funds. The scholarship applicants were scored on their academic record, extracurricular involvement, community service, and their personal interview. Of all the applicants, Nikayla Phillips, Brianna Joseph, and Tyler Mui received the highest scores and were each awarded a scholarship. Emily Lesh was also awarded the Neil P. Carlson Memorial Scholarship.

Pocono Farms Country Club Association has been awarding scholarships to deserving high school seniors since 2004 with a total of over $66,500 awarded during that time. Contributions to this fund are made by individual members through various golf outings held throughout the golf season, along with personal donations made. Scholarships have also been awarded through funds set up memorializing past golf members of the Club that gave so much of their time and effort to the Club.

Golf is an integral part of the community at Pocono Farms.  The golf scholarship committee and the golf members are proud to award these scholarships to these deserving high school seniors.