PennDOT and the Pennsylvania State Police Highlight Litter Enforcement Corridors

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The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) and the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) have collaborated to discuss penalties of littering and littering in a Litter Enforcement Corridor.

PennDOT and PSP held a press event today in Lackawanna county to explain what Litter Enforcement is, why it’s important and what the penalties are for littering.

“PennDOT District 4 is proud to partner with the Pennsylvania State Police and Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful today to highlight our efforts to reduce littering in northeast PA.  PennDOT relies on volunteers in the Adopt a Highway program to help us keep roadways clean and free of litter”, said PennDOT Assistant District Executive Jonathan Eboli, P.E. “We encourage everyone to get involved with the Adopt-A Highway Program in their community.”

Litter Enforcement Corridors have a high aesthetic or historic value worth preserving or need some additional help with litter issues. Approved segments are marked with signs to notify motorists of additional litter fines: doubled penalties for motorists caught scattering rubbish and tripled when it is done by a commercial business. Litter Enforcement Corridors also offer increased safety for workers or volunteers who are picking up trash in a designated corridor.

When drivers in these areas see traffic control devices, they must yield the right of way, as in a construction work zone. For this reason, it’s important to plan a cleanup event with local or state authorities involved when possible.

For more information on establishing a Litter Enforcement Corridor, consult PennDOT’s Roadside Enforcement Manual on PennDOT’s website.