Penn State Scranton Donates to Keystone Mission

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Penn State Scranton: With cold weather already impacting Northeast Pennsylvania, concern for those who may not have the necessary warm clothing, particularly winter coats, was a primary concern for students in Penn State Scranton’s BA 321 class. So much so, that they made conducting a community-wide coat and clothing drive their semester class project.

Under the guidance of Assistant Teaching Professor Frank Sorokach, the students completed their project on Friday morning at Penn State Scranton’s Business Building with a formal presentation of close to 600 winter items to Scranton’s Keystone Mission.

A $600 donation from Adidas was secured by the students working on the project earlier in the fall, but they did not share that with Keystone Mission, so that they could surprise them with something above and beyond what they were expecting.

Multiple community partners also played a vital role in the success of this project including Home Depot, the Mountain View School District, Jessup Borough, Colarusso’s Restaurant, and several others committed to fostering a spirit of giving and warmth within the region and supporting Penn State Scranton students in their endeavor.

In October, students launched their project, strategically placing collection boxes across campus and community locations. Within just one week, their efforts exceeded the initial goal of collecting 100 coats. The upcoming public presentation to Keystone Mission reflects the students’ dedication to community service and their desire to make a meaningful impact.  

“Community service means being selfless,” said third-year business major Michael DeWolfe. “It’s important to give back because we have the privilege to have warm clothes. Helping others is important to our group.”

DeWolfe credits Penn State Scranton for providing him with the opportunity to help those in need.

“PSU shaped me as a student and as an individual [to be able to give] back to the community by giving me opportunities like BA 321. With great professors and a community to back me up, I have seen how fortunate I am to be able to attend this institution and have the resources I have,” DeWolfe said. “It is important to use these skills and opportunities to give back.”

Josephine Sesay, a fourth-year business major, said, “As a team, we want this drive to be successful to help the community and put smiles on people’s faces.

“Giving back to those in need is important because it helps create a more compassionate and equitable society. Additionally, helping others is a fundamental aspect of our shared humanity. It addresses systematic issues of inequality and provides crucial support to individuals and communities facing hardships. Additionally, helping others is a fundamental aspect of our shared humanity.”

The Winter Wear Drive is a project undertaken as part of Penn State’s BA 321: Contemporary Skills for Business Professionals course. This course, offering three credits, emphasizes the development of individual, group, critical thinking, and presentation skills through modern methods and business technology.

Penn State Scranton is committed to community engagement and creating positive social impact through student-led initiatives. The Winter Wear Drive exemplifies the University’s dedication to fostering compassionate leaders and contributing to the well-being of the community.