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Penn State Scranton has an Information Sciences and Technology (IST) Professor that is looking for businesses /organizations in our area that have a needed project that can be incorporated into his Spring semester course. 

The students are seniors who have completed all courses in our IST program including networking, programming, organizational processes, databases, and security. There will be about 4 teams of 3-4 students who will be able to work on a specific industry IT real world project. The project can have a wide range of employer interaction from weekly to much less frequently. The majority of the work will need to be accomplished offsite of the employer’s premises. Projects can be in web design, networking, programming, software analysis, security, business process, or other IT related topics. There is no compensation allowed as this is a class project. We have worked successfully in the past with large and small companies in our area on a wide variety of projects. We hope that we can find some great projects that can help our local businesses as well as our students.

Please let us know if you and your colleagues have any needs in this area and would entertain some collaboration. Email us at

The professor makes the final decision as to the proper fit of projects for the course.