Partnership with Local Pharmacy Offers Tuition-Free Education at Lackawanna College

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Employees at DePietro’s Pharmacy in Dunmore will get a chance to attend Lackawanna College tuition-free in a new partnership agreement announced this week.

Under the agreement, DePietro’s employees who meet the requirements for the pharmacy’s tuition program will be offered a Lackawanna College Business Partners Scholarship. The agreement will allow employees to attend Lackawanna College tuition-free to pursue a bachelor’s or an associate degree.

“Working together with our local and regional businesses continue to help us understand and answer some of our labor force needs,” said Dr. Jill Murray, Lackawanna College President. “Partnering with DePietro’s Pharmacy will give employees a path to careers in growing and in-demand fields like healthcare.”

Dr. Murray also states that these partnerships help solve the social and economic issues of a growing national workforce shortage and the rising cost of tuition, keeping college affordable and accessible.

“The Lackawanna College Business Partnership Scholarship initiative is a great program that helps the College connect with the NEPA workforce,” said Jeff Gregory, Director of College Enrollment Partnerships. “Partnering businesses can offer employees a valuable incentive that helps retain their employees as well as hiring additional employees by helping them achieve additional skills.”

“At DePietro’s Pharmacy, we would not be successful without the hard work and effort given by all our employees. On a daily basis, I strive to show my appreciation for their commitment to our customers. This partnership will truly provide a life-changing experience for my team and future employees,” said Thomas DePietro, Pharmacist and Owner of DePietro’s Pharmacy.

The public-private partnership is one of many that are in the works at Lackawanna College that will cover a student’s full tuition.