Outreach Center Visits State Capitol

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Outreach – Center for Community Resources participated in the Pennsylvania Family Center and Parents as Teachers® Rally on the front steps of the State Capitol in Harrisburg, PA on Wednesday, June 15, 2022.

Accompanying Outreach Family Center Director, Carlene Gula, were Amy Paulin and Sandra Miller with her 10-year-old son Matthew; all are past participants of the Parents as Teachers® program provided by Outreach.

Ms. Paulin and Mrs. Miller both had the opportunity to speak at the rally, explaining how the Parents as Teachers® program helped them during the early stages of their children’s lives and told of their successes as parents using the skills they gained during the program.

Matthew, a recipient of the Parents as Teachers® resources, had the opportunity to meet with state legislators, Representative Kyle Mullins and Representative Thomas Welby.

Representative Mullins introduced Matthew to fellow State Representatives as he provided a tour of the State Capitol and House floor while explaining his duties as a legislator.