Noteology Debuts Custom Candle Studio

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Parade Day may be on the horizon but “getting lit” in Scranton has a whole new meaning!

When you think of Noteology, your mind, or shall we say your nose, goes right to their Custom Perfume Studio experience where you make your very own perfume. Since they opened in 2013, this has been their signature experience, with over 10,000 guests coming to Scranton from around the world to experience it.

But when the calendar flipped into the new year, a new experience made its debut!

“Ever since we opened in 2013, customers always wanted to make candles with us. We simply didn’t have the room in the shops to do it. With our recent expansion and move to 537 Wyoming Ave. in Scranton came the opportunity to do it! We’ve made hundreds of thousands of candles over the years but all behind the scenes. Now you can make them with us using the exact same methods and ingredients that we use.”

“What’s great about the Candle Studio experience is that it truly is custom; from picking your vessels to your scents, you get to customize it in very hands-on way.” Each participant gets to pick 2 vessels (aka candle jars) from their vessel wall of over 20 options to choose from, with names like Midnight Black and Mercury Gold, it’s a fun process right from the start.

The customization doesn’t stop there. Participants can blend up to 2 scents per candle to create their blend from notes that are brand new to Noteology customers while using the same methodology of the Custom Perfume Studio. “Customers sniff and create their blends with our patented fragrance blotter technique. This really allows you to smell the purity of the scents instead of smelling them in wax like other studios do.”

In regards to the hands-on approach, Fleming shares with us that the process is very hands-on, “it’s like being in a chemistry class and an art class at the same time!” Participants select 2 vessels, 2 scent combinations, set their wicks, pour their wax and blend the scents into the wax. Candles need 2 hours to cool, so participants can return later to pick up their candles or have them shipped.

“In mimicking our Custom Perfume process, we will also keep your formula on file so you can have it re-made at any time. I always felt this was an important offering for our customers and something that sets us apart from other candle studios. Love you candle? We will be happy to make it again for you!”

The experience is $60 per person, takes about an hour, and you’ll make 2 candles. Noteology also offer candle-making parties called Wax and Wine, that are BYOB that occur during hours or after hours for a private event where the shop is reserved exclusively for your group. They are now also offering individual charcuterie boxes to accompany your party package. Sessions and parties are by reservation only and reservations can be made by calling 570-343-2100.

“With Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day and Mother’s Day coming up, it’s a great time to spend with friends and family while having fun and creating something scent-sational.”

What’s happening in the studio this week? Some popular winter combinations have been Scarlet Plum + Beachwood and Vintage Cedarwood + Vetiver. What does your next candle smell like?