Norwood Financial Corp Rejoins Russell 3000® Index

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Jim Donnelly, President and Chief Executive Officer of Norwood Financial Corp (NASDAQ Global Market – NWFL) and its subsidiary, Wayne Banks pleased to announce that the Company has been included in the Russell 3000® Index, as part of the 2023 Russell U.S. Indexes annual reconstitution.The Russell 3000® Index encompasses and tracks the performance of the 3,000 largest traded U.S. stocks, based on market capitalization.

“Norwood Financial Corp is honored to be a part of the Russell 3000 Index, alongside some of the top performing companies in the U.S.  This distinguished designation shows our commitment to our shareholders and is a testament to our strong capital position and credit quality metrics. This inclusion will continue to drive awareness of Norwood Financial Corp as an appealing investment as we continue to execute our strategic plans for growth,” stated Mr. Donnelly.

The Russell 3000 Index is comprised of the large-cap Russell 1000 and the small-cap Russell 2000 index. The top 1,000 companies having the highest market capitalization make up the Russell 1000, while the next largest 2,000 make up the Russell 2000.