Misericordia to Offer New Pandemic Opportunity Tuition Discounts in Spring ‘22

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Misericordia University announced today a special, a one-time pandemic relief discount for new students enrolling in the Spring 2022 academic semester. The university is keenly aware of the financial and life challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and wants to assist both full-time and part-time students who may have postponed their higher education plans. New and former students not currently enrolled in Fall 2021 will be eligible for this university-supported program.

New part-time students who enroll in undergraduate or graduate classes for the Spring 2022 semester will receive a 25 percent discount on Misericordia’s per-credit tuition rates for the spring.  Students who transfer to Misericordia on a full-time basis to begin classes in January 2022 would receive a one-time $5,000 award from the university for the spring semester in addition to other aid.

Misericordia University President Daniel J. Myers, Ph.D., explains, “The pandemic and other disruptions have clearly impacted the higher education opportunities for many degree seekers. Through this program, we hope to reignite the desire of those seeking to advance their education and their career prospects. Many people are in need of additional credentials to compete in the modern workforce, and we know we can provide high quality educational opportunities to them.”

In addition to part-time students receiving a discount this spring, Dr. Myers further expands on the opportunities for full-time study. “We believe that Misericordia is an excellent destination for transfer students who have completed one- or two years’ worth of study and either need a change of venue or have temporarily stopped their studies and would like to enroll full-time again. Students who postponed college and are just starting their first semester in January would also be eligible for this one-time, pandemic relief incentive,” says Myers.