Member Discounts

The Chamber encourages our members to do business with Chamber members!

Member-to-Member Discounts

Member-to-member discounts increase your business buying power!  Businesses can offer a discount for products and services.

Members AND their employees save money by taking advantage of exclusive discounts offered by fellow Chamber members.

There are many types of discounts you can offer. Some examples include:

  • Percent or dollar off discounts
  • Free upgrades or bonus offers
  • Buy one, get one free offers

Keep in mind that to be effective and popular, the discount or bonus should be substantial enough to attract attention. Please do not include offers for free estimates or consultations.

If you’d like to offer a discount to other Chamber members, simply contact Tina Bechaver.

We promote these discounts each month to more than 4,200 contacts and their nearly 80,000 employees. Offer your own discount to drive additional business your way!

Health Insurance / Employee Benefits

Through the exclusive ChamberChoice Benefits Program, members can access a vast menu of innovative product solutions and services that enhance your health insurance and employee benefits plans.  The experts at ChamberChoice will help you achieve your premium budget objectives, establish a customized strategy to meet your goals and provide guidance on compliance requirements mandated by ERISA and the Affordable Care Act.

For more information, please visit ChamberChoice online or call 1-800-377-3539.

Chamber Assist Employee Assistance Program

The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce has partnered with AllOne Health, a wholly-owned subsidiary of a public charity, to provide Chamber members with a comprehensive employee assistance program (EAP) at exclusive service and pricing levels. For a special discounted rate, Chamber members may participate in ChamberAssist EAP. For more information, call 1 (877) 720-7770 and reference ChamberAssist EAP. More information is also available here.

Savings on Energy Bills

ChamberChoice Energy Program managed by OnDemand Energy Solutions.

The Chamber is committed to helping its members save money on energy costs. Due to the volatile energy market and continued increase on energy costs today, OnDemand Energy Solutions is the preferred provider for the ChamberChoice Energy Program. OnDemand Energy has more leverage than any other consultant in the PJM territory which allows OnDemand to provide competitive pricing and issue resolutions on any issues that might arise with contract language, enrollment, billing, etc. Our products are designed to help businesses better manage their energy needs by generating a continuous consultative relationship with one of our dedicated OnDemand Energy Advisors. OnDemand Energy’s primary intent is to help chamber members both on the supply and demand side of the meter. We offer professional energy procurement strategies while leveraging exclusive energy offers from our supply partners. Our consultative approach allows our customers to focus on their core business needs, while we manage their energy. The ChamberChoice Energy Program covers all segments of the market – residential, small business, and large industrials.

ChamberChoice Residential Energy Program is also available to chamber member employees and their friends and family. This is a great way to bring value to your employees without touching your bottom line. The program is free to enroll and participate. For more information on the business or residential programs, call 1 (866) 699-9968 or visit

Business Insurance

The ChamberChoice business insurance program is a unique product exclusively offered to Chamber members.

This program is sold exclusively through local, independent agents that represent Penn National Insurance who can offer chamber members a variety of coverages and pricing on property and casualty insurance. Members who purchase business insurance through this program have the potential to earn a dividend. Over the past four years, dividends returned to the business communities throughout Pennsylvania have exceeded $3.3 million.  The average program year dividend is 7%.