Marywood Featuring Architecture Exhibit, Gallery Talk, & Lecture

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Marywood University is featuring an architecture exhibit, Ideas + Examples: An Exhibition from The Lucy and Olivio Ferrari Archive from September 6-15. The exhibit includes a gallery talk by Prof. Shelley Martin on Wednesday, September 6, at 7 p.m., as well as a lecture by Prof. Frank Weiner on Thursday, September 7, at 2 p.m. All events are taking place in the Hawk Gallery, Center for Architectural Studies, on Marywood’s campus.

The exhibition is intended to build upon the existing connections between Marywood University and Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Va., and to cultivate a continuing exchange. This relationship can be traced back to Professor Gregory Hunt, Founding Dean of Marywood University’s School of Architecture and a former long serving faculty member at Virginia Tech. Exhibition curators include Arian Korkuti, Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, Marywood University; Shelley Martin, Associate Professor, School of Architecture, Virginia Tech, and Frank Weiner, Professor, School of Architecture, Virginia Tech.

The work on view is from the collection of artifacts housed in The Lucy and Olivio Ferrari Archive located in the School of Architecture at Virginia Tech. The exhibition emphasizes the educational formation of an architect. The displayed artifacts, made by Lucy Ferrari and Olivio Ferrari, were not intended to be finished works of art or design, but rather didactic studies about basic design. The exhibition includes a set of photographic prints commissioned for the exhibition made by Prof. Shelley Martin.

The Lucy and Olivio Ferrari Archive, established in October 2017 by Lucy Ferrari and Professor Frank Weiner, is housed in Cowgill Hall on the campus of Virginia Tech. The archive consists of approximately 1,000 items, representing a wide range of didactic materials including diagrams, texts, notes, professional projects, travel sketches, painting studies, prints, photographs, objects, furniture, prototypes, toys, jewelry, and textiles.