Leadership Lackawanna Announces Tomorrow’s Leaders Today Class of 2023-24

Chamber News

The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce community leadership and professional development affiliate, Leadership Lackawanna’s youth program, Tomorrow’s Leaders Today, announces the program class of 2023–24.

Tomorrow’s Leaders Today (TLT) is a seven-month program that develops high school juniors’ leadership, interpersonal, and managerial skills in the greater Scranton region. Program participants will be provided with real-world experiences in financial literacy, health care, STEAM, philanthropy, crime and corrections, nonprofit organizations, and community service instructed by partnering organizations. NBT Bank proudly sponsors the 2023–24 program year.

TLT participants:

  1. Abigail Harshbarger
  2. Abygale Plevyak
  3. Akhilesh Velaga
  4. Anthony John Piestrak
  5. Ashley Bossick
  6. Ava Page
  7. Caroline Luyster
  8. Chloe Dong
  9. Clinton Muir
  10. Cole Johnston
  11. Dante Pallazari
  12. Declan Moran
  13. Dhruv D. Amin
  14. Elizabeth Schneider
  15. Elizabeth Washine
  16. Gabriella Estadt
  17. Gabriella Potis
  18. Gia Ann Serge
  19. Giada Costa
  20. Hope Polishan
  21. Isabella Moher
  22. Isabelle Maurer
  23. Ivy Neureuter
  24. Jack Maloney
  25. Jacob Antolick
  26. Jordan Robert Malar
  27. Joseph DiStasi
  28. Jospeh T. Healey
  29. Justin Osman
  30. Kylie Krzak
  31. Lily Rozzi
  32. Makayla Walto
  33. Mandie Martin
  34. Margaret Pegula
  35. Matthew Hill
  36. Nicholas Giumento
  37. Nico Warhola
  38. Reese Morgan
  39. Roland McLaine
  40. Sarah McCullon
  41. Sarah O’Brien
  42. Zavhary Kovaleski

Tomorrow’s Leaders Today accepts applications from sophomores who attend high school in Lackawanna County and its surrounding areas, as well as all charter, technical schools, and homeschool students.

PHOTO: Front Row: Ashley Bossick, Nicholas Giumento, Kylie Krzak, Isabella Moher, Ava Page, Dante Pallazari, Abygale Plevyak, Gabriella Potis, Lily Rozzi, Gia An Serge, Faith Wormuth. Second Row: Abigail Harshbarger, Chloe Dong, Cole Johnston, Giada Costa, Joseph T. Healey, Matthew Hill, Mandie Martin, Reese Morgan, Justin Osman, Margaret Pegula, Nico Warhola. Third Row: Gabriella Estadt, Jordan Robert Malar, Isabelle Maurer, Sarah McCullon, Declan Moran, Ivy Neureuter, Sarah O’Brien, Hope Polishan, Elizabeth Schneider, Makayla Walton, Elizabeth Washine. Back Row: Dhruv D. Amin, Jacon Antolick, Joseph DiStasi, Zachary Kobaleski, Caroline Luyster, Jack Maloney, Roland McLaine, Clinton Muir, Anthony John Piestrak, Akhilesh Velaga.