Lackawanna College Dual Admission Transfer Agreement

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Susquehanna University and Lackawanna College have signed a transfer agreement allowing qualified students to earn their bachelor’s degree at substantial tuition savings by transferring after earning their associate degree. 

Through this partnership, qualified students also can receive merit-based scholarships of up to $32,000 a year, with an additional $5,000 scholarship available per year for students in Phi Theta Kappa, the college’s academic honor society. 

The agreement, which waives the university’s application fees, also requires students to complete an “intent to enroll” form with a Lackawanna College transfer advisor prior to having earned 30 credits. Interested students can apply by June 1 for fall semester enrollment or by Oct. 1 for spring semester enrollment this year. All scholarships may be renewed for up to four semesters for students earning an associate degree contingent upon students earning at least 30 credits each academic year at Susquehanna.

“Few investments have a greater impact on our nation or more substantial return than access to higher education,” Susquehanna University President Jonathan Green said. “On average, college graduates earn more than $1 million in lifetime income above those who do not complete college degrees and are more likely to remain employed in times of high unemployment. We look forward to ensuring a smooth transition for Lackawanna College graduates who come to Susquehanna to complete their bachelor’s degrees in preparation for an even brighter future.”

“This agreement gives Lackawanna College students a pathway to continue to complete their degree in their field of choice,” said Dr. Jill Murray, Lackawanna College President. “We are always looking for more opportunities to offer an affordable, accessible education, which leads to family-sustaining jobs in our community.”