Keystone Mission’s Day of Planting Sprouts New Beginnings

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Keystone Mission’s guests, volunteers, and staff gathered to sow the fruits of their labor on May 31 to celebrate a day of planting for the Seeds of Hope Community Garden.

This joyous occasion marked a milestone in the program’s journey to benefit the Scranton community by providing access to healthy foods, the ability to cultivate new relationships, and the promotion of fellowship among neighbors.
The success of this day wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of numerous other volunteers who selflessly contributed their time and energy.

“This has been a culmination of a lot of hard work and over six weeks of planning,” said Michael McAllister, a Seeds of Hope volunteer. McAllister donated numerous hours and resources to make the project possible.

“This is going to be great!” Reggie, a guest from Keystone Mission’s Pathfinder Vocational Program, eagerly joined in the planting activities. His excitement mirrored the anticipation shared by all participants, especially those facing homelessness.

Seeds of Hope represents an opportunity for personal growth and self-sufficiency. By actively participating in the planting process, individuals like Reggie become not only recipients but also contributors to the garden’s success.