Johnson College’s 102nd Commencement Ceremony to be Held May 11 at the Circle Drive-In

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Johnson College will confer degrees to over 160 graduates at commencement exercises to be held at the Circle Drive-In on the Scranton Carbondale Highway in Scranton on Tuesday, May 11, 2021 (Rain date: Wednesday, May 12, 2021). The ceremony will begin at dusk and will be live streamed on the College’s YouTube channel at Graduates will be awarded Associate in Science degrees (A.S.), Associate of Applied Science degrees (A.A.S.), and academic certificates.

The decision to hold the 102nd commencement ceremony at the Circle Drive-In was made with the health and well-being of the College’s campus community and their loved ones in mind. The ceremony will be following Pennsylvania’s social distancing and sanitization guidelines.

Candy Fry, Director of New Business Development at A. Pickett Construction, Inc. and Johnson College graduate, will give the commencement address. Degrees will be presented by Dr. Katie Leonard, President and CEO of Johnson College, and Marianne Gilmartin, Esq., the 2020-2021 Chair of the Board of Directors.

David Weaver, a graduate of the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technology program and recipient of the Johnson College Award for Academic Excellence in the Associate in Applied Science programs and Jessica Bodt, a graduate of the Radiologic Technology program, and recipient of the Johnson College Award for Academic Excellence in the Associate in Science programs will serve as student speakers. These awards recognize the students with the highest grade point average in each degree category.

Following is a list of the 2021 Class of Johnson College:

Associate in Science Programs

Computer Information Technology               
Cesar Acosta                                                   
Zachary Allen                                                 
George G. Campbell                                        
Pablo Correa                                                   
Brandon David Emmett                                   
Michael B. Frazier                                           
Matthew Glancey                                            
Justin Paul Hackling                                        
Evan Kleinert                                                  
Shane Alexander McHugh                               
Michael Moran, Cum Laude                                         
David Isaiah R. Perez                                      
Joseph L. Rosencrans II                                   
Colby Southivong, Cum Laude                         
Henry Lewis Trapp IV                                     

Physical Therapist Assistant              
Andrew W. Adkins                                          
Kendra Marie Bendyk, Cum Laude                               
William Bennett, Cum Laude                           
Kayla Hill                                                       
Olivia Mae Kovalchik                          
Connor Kranick                                               
Garett Michael Mowry                         
Kelly Ann Smith                                 
Zachary K. Sopko                                

Radiologic Technology                       
Alyssa Marie Arnone                           
Trista Lynn Babcock                                       
Jessica Bodt, Magna Cum Laude                      
James M. Brooks                                 
David Herne                                        
Amanda M. Jablonski                          
Marissa Anne Keegan                          
Amber Renee Lindsey             
Kayla Miller                                        
Mackenzie A. Munley                                     
Abby Elizabeth Orth                            
Alyssa Talerico, Cum Laude    
John T. Werner                                               
Arkadiusz Zwiercan                             

Veterinary Technology                      
Alexandra M. Bukeavich                                 
Faith L. Dermody                                            
Marissa Rose Doty                                          
Mikayla A. Ely                                    
Laea Marie Figula                                
Brittany Elise Garner                           
Ashlyn Marie Kilvitis                          
Haley Korfmann                                  
Abigail Kudrich                                               
Jessica L. Murman                                           
Khira L. Wudarski                                           

Associate in Applied Science Programs

Advanced Manufacturing Technology                       
Adam A. Berardelli                              
Samuel Asa Hopkins                                       
Gabriel Martelli                                   
Zachary J. Martin                                
Jared W. Mauro                       

Architectural Drafting & Design Technology            
Bailey R. Bannon                                
Jake Osbourne                                     
Malynda Mae Peabody                        
Sydney Anne Swan                             
Trevor Dore Troiani                            
Dominick Verrastro                             

Automotive Technology                     
Zachary Blockberger                           
James Folenta                                                 
Mitchell Griffin                       
Emily Lozinger                                   
Shamir Pradhan                                   
Jonathan Wilga                                    

Biomedical Equipment Technology                
Justin Anderson                                               
Richard K. Ayers                                             
Todd Cauley, Magna Cum Laude                     
Alissa A. Feliciano                              
Shea Connor Kelly                              

Carpentry & Cabinetmaking Technology                  
William Scott Cardone                                     
Cody A. Fisher                        
Justin Grier                                         
Daniel Thorwald Jones                                    
Christopher Kakareka                          
Camryn Kuchak                                              
Jason Walter Phillips Jr.                                   
Thomas Rosar Jr.                                             
Corey Smith                                        

Diesel Truck Technology                   
Michael Cicerini                                              
Zachary Paul Hessey                                       
Alan R. Kellam Jr.                                           
Dominic Motta                                    
Kathryn I Novajosky                                       
Kaitlyn Marie Phillips                                      
Vincent Canio Rubino                                     
Walter J. Terry                                                
Seth Trichilo                                                   
Michael J Walsh Jr.                                         
Thomas M. Zaltauskas                         

Electrical Construction & Maintenance Technology              
Avery Billings                                                 
William T Bunnell                                           
Dylan Burns                                                    
John T. DeLucca, Magna Cum Laude               
Charles M. DeNapoli                                       
Brandon John Dougherty, Magna Cum Laude   
Jacob William Evancho                                   
Keith J. Feduchak Jr.                                       
Bryan L. Giambra, Cum Laude                                     
Michael D. Giannetta III                                  
Donovan Hamilton                                          
Al-Maurice Ingram                                          
Matthew Jarvis Lawrence                                
Ryan Lello                                                      
Michael Joseph McIntyre                                 
Nicholas Anthony Panunzio                             
Steven Paszek Jr.                                             
Eli Ruffing                                                      
Tyler David Skibinski                          
Justin Skutack                                                 
Kimberle Smith                                               
Shawn Martaigra Smith Jr.                               
Jakob Snopkowski                                           
Evan Keith Snyder                                          
James Patrick Sommers                                   
Ian Stevens                                                     
Calvin John Derek Sutcliffe                             
Samuel Talarico                                              
Mark A. Tolerico                                             
Chase Williams                                               

Electronic Engineering Technology               
Jamie John Cramer                                          
Michael Paul Lynn                                          
Jared Marsellas                                   
Jarett M Riemer                                               
Shaun Xavier Shearer                                      
Stephen Speed                         

Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology             
Nicholas Marc Benetos                                    
Robert Conlan Buck                                        
Anthony James Bucklaw                                  
Frank J. Buono Jr., Summa Cum Laude                        
Connor Clauss-Walton                                     
Tyler Paul Davies                                            
Adam C. Eiden                                                
Michael Francis                                               
Matthew J. Froelick                                         
Janet L. Gibbons                                             
Edon Ismajlaj, Cum Laude                                           
Colton J. McDonald                                         
Robert McMynne                                            
Timothy Menichini                                          
Scott R. Warman                                             
David G. Weaver, Summa Cum Laude                         
Mike Williams Jr.                                            

Certificate Programs

Diesel Preventative Maintenance Technology            
Skyler Jared McCloud                                     

Welding Technology              
Benjamin Arendt                                             
Justin Cheresko                                   
Shawn Coates                                                 
Jesse A. Cooper                                               
Samuel Cox                                                    
Calvin J. Hedgelon                                          
Austin Jorgensen                                             
Kristina Kathryn Kaminski                              
Brandon Tyrone Keith                                     
Kole John Kerber                                 
Rebeccah King                                                
Joshua Kline                                                   
Emmanuel Lucero                                           
Dane Francis McLaughlin                                
John Notarianni                                               
Tyler Nothstein                                               
Nicholas Price                                                 
Andrew Ryman                                               
Dale E. Soden                                     
Tommaso R Tamberelli            
Robert Wilcox                                                 
Joseph N. Yarbrough      

Summa Cum Laude: GPA of 3.90 or HIGHER
Magna Cum Laude: GPA 3.89 – 3.80
Cum Laude: GPA 3.79 – 3.70
Based on GPA to December 2020

For additional information on Johnson College, please call 1-800-2-WE-WORK, email, or visit