Johnson College Announces Tuition Freeze for Third Year in a Row

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After achieving the third year of record-setting enrollment this fall, Johnson College is announcing that tuition for the 2022-2023 academic year will not increase. The $17,700 annual tuition cost set for fall 2021 will freeze for the upcoming year.

Liz Renda, Chief Financial Officer, is proud of Johnson College’s ability to alleviate a student’s debt burden. She shared, “The third year of record-setting enrollment and smart fiscal management has led directly to this tuition freeze and our overall level of affordability for students.”

“The key reasons students choose Johnson College are that our programs are in-demand with up to 100% placement rates for specific programs and the affordability and value of the education they receive. Plus, a student’s immersion in industry from day one,” said Dr. Katie Leonard, President & CEO. “Our industry partners guide our curriculum to ensure that our students become talented, essential employees who fill employer workforce needs. The College’s strong relationships with industry partners have resulted in local, desirable, live labs, and internship opportunities, for our students to experience the hands-on education they expect from Johnson College.”  

The tuition freeze will increase students’ return on investment. Bill Burke, Vice President of Student and Academic Affairs, shared, “Our two-year degree and academic certificate programs have the highest ROI in the short-term because students enter the workforce sooner, and with less debt.” Johnson College ranks #1 for immediate return on a graduate’s investment for education among local institutions based on a 10-year return, according to a recent Georgetown University study.

Enrollment is still open for the spring 2022 semester, which begins on January 18, while the fall 2022 semester starts on August 29, 2022.  Financial Aid is available to eligible students. Currently, a majority of Johnson College students, 94%, receive some financial aid.