Indraloka Animal Sanctuary Host Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

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The NEPA Rescue Veterinary Clinic, a project of the Indraloka Animal Sanctuary along with the NEPA Animal Welfare Collaborative, will host a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Thursday, March 2, at 5:00 p.m. at Indraloka Animal Sanctuary in Dalton.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony will launch the opening of the NEPA Rescue Veterinary Clinic, which aims to increase access to quality, low-cost veterinary care for animals in the care of 35+ animal welfare organizations across the Northeastern Pennsylvania region that are part of the NEPA Animal Welfare Collaborative, including Griffin Pond Animal Shelter, Adopt-a-Boxer, Quigley’s Shelter Pets, and others.

What:  All members of the media are invited to attend the NEPA Rescue Veterinary Clinic ribbon-cutting ceremony, with the opportunity to tour the new facility and to learn more about this groundbreaking vet clinic, which is the only one of its kind in the area.

When: Thursday, March 2, 5:00 pm

Where: Indraloka Animal Sanctuary (336 Oak Dr, Dalton, PA 18414)

The Clinic will be led by Dr. Leslie Interlandi, DVM, a rescue medicine specialist and resident veterinarian at Indraloka.

The NEPA Rescue Veterinary Clinic was designed to address the incredible veterinary shortage in our area, which has only worsened following COVID-19, and which has made accessing veterinary appointments difficult for local shelters and rescues,” stated Laura Ducceschi, President & CEO of the Scranton Area Community Foundation, which houses the NEPA Animal Welfare Collaborative. 

The NEPA Animal Welfare Collaborative is a collective of animal shelters, rescues, advocates, and sanctuaries in the region that have come together to advance various causes in animal welfare and to increase the collective resources available to these agencies. Its mission is to work on initiatives aimed at ensuring animals in Northeastern Pennsylvania achieve a happy and healthy life—free from abuse and neglect. The Scranton Area Community Foundation serves as the convener of the NEPA Animal Welfare Collaborative, which aims to bring together individuals, shelter and rescue groups who are working together to help solve challenges for the benefit of people and animals in NEPA.

The NEPA Rescue Veterinary Clinic is supported by the NEPA Animal Welfare Collaborative and grant funding from the Robert H. Spitz Foundation,  the Scranton Area Community Foundation, and other regional funders.

Indraloka Animal Sanctuary rescues animals from the most desperate circumstances. “They all need immediate emergency vet care. Getting that care has proven to be one of the most difficult aspects of running a sanctuary,” stated Indra Lahiri, Founder of the Indraloka Animal Sanctuary. “Dog and cat rescues also struggle to get rescued animals the particular care they need,” she added. “The NEPA Rescue Veterinary Clinic aims to provide high-quality, low-cost emergency vet care quickly.”

The NEPA Rescue Veterinary Clinic offers services to 501(c)3 rescues, shelters, and sanctuaries located in Northeastern Pennsylvania that are part of the NEPA Animal Welfare Collaborative. To become involved with the NEPA Animal Welfare Collaborative, contact the Scranton Area Community Foundation at