HNB Supports Lacawac Sanctuary with EITC Donation

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The Honesdale National Bank was once again authorized to make approved contributions under the Commonwealth’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) Program. HNB designated $2,000 of their approved allotment to the Lacawac Sanctuary Field Station and Environmental Education Center, nestled on 550 acres near the shores of Lake Wallenpaupack. The funds, donated by HNB, will support the Center’s K-12 innovative educational programs

HNB President & CEO David Raven stated, “Lacawac Sanctuary presents benefits to our environment,  local students, and community members.” He said, “We are glad that we can continue to support the funding of this organization to care for our youth’s education and environmental preservation.”

Craig Lukatch, Lacawac Sanctuary President, said, “Lacawac Sanctuary is very grateful for the generous support of The Honesdale National Bank. Lacawac’s YES (Youth Engaging Science) Programs provide opportunities for students to participate in hands-on environmental STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education programs both in and out of school.”

The Lacawac Sanctuary offers direct experiences with nature, providing relevant learning that equips students with critical thinking, creative approaches, and problem-solving skills. Their mission is to preserve the natural beauty of Lake Lacawac, its watershed, and surrounding lands; to conduct long-term research on natural systems as part of a global effort to understand and protect the Earth’s biodiversity; and to increase appreciation of this effort through innovative, field-based educational programs for students, teachers, and the community.

Lukatch continued, “Lacawac strives each year to take our inquiry-based science programs to the next level, transforming the way teachers teach and students learn environmental education.”