Golden Awarded Five Scooter Categories in Fourth Consecutive Contract

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Golden Technologies is excited to announce they have been awarded their fourth consecutive, five-year contract since 2003 by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to supply mobility products. Golden proudly provides power scooters across the VA nationwide to enhance the quality of life for Veterans and allow them the freedom of movement and independence they so deserve. This significant partnership ensures continued quality products for America’s Veterans with Golden’s commitment as they celebrate 40 years in business next year.

Golden submitted scooters in five categories and was awarded the contract for all five. The VA will continue to provide veterans with Golden’s popular Companion GC240 Mid-Size 3-wheel and GC340 Full-Size 3-wheel scooters. Additional products new to the VA contract include the Companion GC440 Full-Size 4-wheel and the newly launched GC540 Heavy-Duty 3-wheel scooters – now fully representing the entire Companion Series product offering. The compact portable BuzzAround HD 4-wheel scooter rounds out the fifth category.

“We are ecstatic and incredibly honored to have been awarded the contract to continue providing top-of-the-line power mobility scooters to our Veterans and introduce even more exceptional models in additional categories with this new commitment from the VA,” said Rich Golden, CEO of Golden Technologies. “The Golden brand is associated with quality, innovation, and compassion, focused on supplying home medical equipment that changes lives. It is profoundly humbling to provide our amazing Veterans with power scooters to access critical medical care and accomplish necessary tasks in home and community environments that are so important as they gain more independence in their daily life,” he added.

“I am extremely proud and grateful that Golden Technologies was awarded the Nationwide Scooter Contracts by the VA. For the past 21 years, the continuous effort and determination of the entire Golden team – from our VA Customer Service, VA Technical Service, Production, Research & Development, and Shipping departments have demonstrated our dedication and commitment to the Department of Veterans Affairs and our nation’s Veterans,” said Donna Payer, VA National Account Director. She added, “We are all very proud of our awards and are excited to continue our strong working relationship with our VA Medical Centers.”

Golden was awarded their first nationwide scooter contract by the VA in 2003 for Mid-Size 3-wheel and Full-Size 3-wheel scooters. Scooters awarded to the new contract will begin shipping on May 20th. The period of performance for the contract will end in May 2029. Visit for more information.