Gerrity’s Announces Purchase of Valley Farm Market

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Joyce “Mom” Fasula, President of Gerrity’s Supermarkets, is very proud to announce that her family business is adding a tenth location. On Monday, November 15th, the Scranton-based supermarket company will purchase Valley Farm Market in Bethlehem, PA.

In recent years, Gerrity’s has opened three Ace Hardware locations and remodeled all of their supermarkets. However, this will be the first new supermarket location in over 15 years. “In the supermarket business, it is important to continue to grow,” Fasula says. “We are proud to invest in the Bethlehem community, especially in light of the current state of the economy.”

Valley Farm Market is currently owned by the Schummer Family, who employs over 140 workers. Gerrity’s will be discussing career opportunities with each and every member of the staff. The Fasulas and Schummers have been discussing the sale for several months. During that time, Gerrity’s management team has been stopping into the store. “We have been very impressed by the friendliness of the workers, the quality of the perishables and the condition of the store,” said Fasula. “The store and the staff will fit very well into the Gerrity’s family.

Considering how well run the store is, the Fasulas plan to make very few changes to how the store runs. They will also keep the name Valley Farm Market on the building and in the marketing. However, they do plan to make improvements to lighting, the entryway, equipment, and pricing. In addition, they are planning a complete remodel that will begin late 2022 or early 2023.

The best news for Valley Farms Employees is that, since they will be new to the Gerrity’s organization, they will be eligible for the new hire bonus of up to $500. Gerrity’s also anticipates hiring 50 additional full and part time people, including skilled positions like butchers, bakers, cooks, and cake decorators, as wells as clerks in every department.