From Piggy Banks to Scholarships, Local Students Growing Up With FNCB

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In 2014, FNCB Bank held a “piggy bank” contest in area elementary schools to teach children the importance of saving money. The contest encouraged children to use their creativity to design a piggy bank, which was then placed on display for employee and customer voting.

Several weeks ago, when the FNCB Bank Foundation announced the winners of the 2021 merit scholarship awards, two familiar names appeared — Danielle Lamberti of Lackawanna Trail High School and Sarah Stettler of Holy Redeemer High School — amazingly, both were winners of the piggy bank contest held seven years ago when they were in fifth grade, including Ms. Lamberti’s “Best in Show” entry.

In her scholarship entry, Ms. Lamberti, an incoming nursing major at Misericordia University, mentioned the importance of winning the piggy bank contest, saying it was “the start of her savings journey.”

When asked how she felt about going from winning the piggy bank contest to being awarded a college scholarship, she said, “Ever since I won the piggy bank contest, I have been using FNCB Bank for all my personal banking. It’s all very encouraging to see how far I have come since 2014 and that every penny is hard earned. To win the scholarship now just ties in the sense of community and belonging I’ve felt, especially since winning.” She added, “This experience brings me much happiness through old and new memories and is so appreciated for my nursing future in college and after.”

Similarly, Ms. Stettler, an incoming psychology major at King’s College, also opened her first savings account with FNCB after winning the piggy bank contest. “If it wasn’t for that piggy bank contest seven years ago, I may not have known about the scholarship opportunity,” she said. “There aren’t words strong enough to convey my deep appreciation for FNCB’s generosity.”

Michael Cummings, FNCB’s Marketing Manager added, “We were delighted when we pieced together the connection, and proud to award them with yet another accomplishment. We wish them both the best of luck in the fall.”

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