COLTS to Increase Involvement with Disadvantaged Business Enterprises

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COLTS has set goals to enhance and increase involvement with Disadvantaged Business Enterprises up to 1.2% for the fiscal years of 2024 to 2026.

With upcoming projects and continued improvement of operation, COLTS will need to purchase various materials and products including, but not limited to, maintenance equipment, rolling stock, and IT equipment. In order to achieve their goals, COLTS is seeking for businesses who meet DBE criteria set by the Department of Transportation. While you may not have the official DBE certification, COLTS can assist in providing the information about qualifications and offer direction in attaining this accreditation.

COLTS formally invites you to join them next month for a Zoom Meeting to introduce their team and further discuss the initiative of achieving DBE goals. If interested, please contact or 570-346-2061 ext. 1233.