Carla Romo – Empower Conference Keynote Speaker

Chamber News

Carla is a speaker, author, co-host of The Love Fix, and certified life coach. She helps people push through their BS (blind sides) so they can thrive in all aspects of their life. Basically, she’s your cheerleader, here to watch win at any stage in life.

She’s watched clients get married, change careers, get over their ex/heartbreak, start a business, fall in love, and follow their life’s purpose. Nothing is off limits – from debunking the fear of “never finding love again” to switching to a career path you’ve been itching for. Anything that has to do with pushing past B.S. (AKA your sneaky inner voice)…she’s your girl!

At age 24, Carla hit rock bottom when she found herself in another toxic codependent relationship and in a cycle of burnout from her career in TV. But, this time, she got up and learned how to break free from codependency and get out of burnout. Inspired by her own self-growth journey, Carla took lemons and made the best damn lemonade she ever tasted.

Today, Carla coaches clients one-on-one or in groups via phone or video call and leads highly sought-after in person/virtual talks and workshops worldwide. You may have seen her featured in collaboration with Milwaukee Bucks, BRAVO, Verizon, Cosmopolitan, Bumble, Simon Business School, Lifetime, Nissan, as well as the high-rated iTunes Podcasts.

Carla is here to let you know that the most important relationship you will ever have is with your damn self – so it’s time you push past BS (blind sides) stopping you.