Anthracite Heritage Museum Accepting Keystone Internship Applications

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The Pennsylvania Historical Museum Commission’s Keystone Internship Program provides opportunities to pursue your professional growth and contribute to sharing Pennsylvania’s rich heritage with the public. The Keystone Internship will be between 225-300 hours and last 10 weeks between May 13, 2024 and August 23, 2024.

This is a curatorial immersion and engagement internship at Anthracite Heritage Museum, which tells the story of Pennsylvania’s hard coal and related industries, the historic immigrant culture of northeastern Pennsylvania, and the evolution of the region’s culture. The candidate will work closely with museum staff to implement curatorial activities related to new collections and exhibits. These include researching and identifying prospective new collection items that relate to and enhance the AHM mission; learning the decision process and obligations related to acquisitions; processing collections items to professional museum standards using Argus collections management software; experiencing collections care, handling, and storage; learning the principles of museum exhibition; and developing, curating, and installing a small community exhibit. The internship experience will also include public engagement and the principles of museum management.

Additional Requirements:   You must be at least 18 years of age at time of hire. You must currently be enrolled, or will be enrolled at a college or university undergraduate or graduate program for the Summer 2024 or Fall 2024 academic term by the start of the internship. You must be able to work in or commute to Scranton, Pennsylvania. You must be able to perform essential job functions. You must be currently enrolled, or will be enrolled in a college or university full-time in an undergraduate or graduate program by the start of the internship. You must be in good academic standing (2.5 GPA or higher).