Allied Services Integrated Health System Announces Staff Promotions

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Allied Services Integrated Health System announces the staff promotions of the following:

Brianna Hoban, NHA, PCHA, was announced as Administrator of Allied Services Skilled Nursing Center in Scranton.  Over the course of the last three years, Hoban has served as the Assistant Administrator for the 369-bed skilled nursing and has played an integral role in the development and implementation of regulatory policy and corrective audits and has confidently assisted with directing operations throughout the COVID-19 public health emergency. 

In addition to serving as the Administrator of the skilled nursing facility, Hoban will also continue in her role as Assistant Vice President of Skilled Nursing Administration. In this role, Brianna assists in providing operational and administrative support to the leaders of the health systems Wilkes-Barre-based skilled nursing divisions.  

Tracey Kopetz, CDM, was announced as Assistant Vice President of Allied Services Food and Hospitality Services. Kopetz joined Allied Services Dietary Department over fifteen years ago and has served in several roles during her tenure. Most recently as Assistant Vice President and Director of Dietary Operations at the health systems skilled nursing facility in Scranton. 

Kopetz will continue to provide support to the health systems skilled nursing centers in both Scranton and Wilkes-Barre. In her newly expanded role, she will also coordinate with the managers of the Dietary Departments at both Allied Services Scranton and Wilkes-Barre Rehab Hospitals. Tracey will provide support to these divisions in the areas of resident menu development, staff budgeting, food and supply ordering, and regulatory compliance. 

Luke Bauman, RN was announced as Administrator of Allied Services Center City Skilled Nursing, where he will oversee operations at the 50-bed skilled nursing facility, as well as the 31-unit senior living apartment complex in Wilkes-Barre. Prior to his transition to Center City, Bauman had served for three years as the Director of Nursing for the health systems skilled nursing facility in Scranton. Additionally, Bauman served as the Executive Director of Nursing Services for the Meade Street and Center City campuses for the past year. Prior to joining Allied Services in 2018, Bauman brought with him years of experience as a Director of Nursing in larger nursing facilities in the Lehigh Valley area. 

Luke will continue to serve as Executive Director of Nursing Services. In his new role as Administrator, he will be responsible for the daily oversight of all departmental operations and assurance of regulatory compliance at the Center City Skilled Nursing location. 

Katlyn Kirkpatrick, CDM was announced asDirector of Dietary Services, for Allied Services Skilled Nursing Center in Scranton. Bringing sixteen years of long-term care experience with her, Katlyn joined the Allied Services team two years ago as the Assistant Director of Food Services. Katlyn is a Certified Dietary Manager who has assisted with the transformation of the food delivery service at the skilled nursing facility.   Katlyn will be responsible for the day-to-day dietary operations at the Scranton-based skilled nursing center, including resident meal delivery systems, personnel management, inventory control, and regulatory compliance. 

Nicole Clark was announced as Patient Finance Coordinator of Allied Services Skilled Center in Scranton. Clark joined Allied Services in 2017 and transitioned to the skilled nursing team in 2019. Clark has worked to transform several areas of the patient finance department, such as building effective relationships with state and local government agencies, strengthening the collaboration with interdisciplinary leaders, and prioritizing routine communication with residents and their families.