Allied Services Celebrates Hospice Star Volunteer of 2023

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Allied Services Hospice & Palliative Care has named Charlene Cardwell of Mill City, PA, the Hospice Star Volunteer of 2023 in a heartwarming celebration of dedication and service. This inaugural award, marking the first of what will become an annual tradition, was presented at the Volunteer Recognition Celebration held at Arcaro and Genell in Old Forge.

Charlene, whose journey with hospice care began in a deeply personal manner following the loss of her husband who was a patient of the health system’s hospice service, has been a beacon of support and compassion for nearly two years. Her firsthand experience with the care and support provided by the hospice inspired her to give back, leading her to become an administrative volunteer.

Her commitment to the organization goes beyond typical volunteer duties. Charlene has been instrumental in supporting our veterans through organizing recognition packages as a token of gratitude for their service. In a touching display of her dedication, she also personally crocheted red, white, and blue afghans for the veterans in our inpatient hospice units, providing comfort and warmth in their moments of need.

The celebration featured guest speaker Christopher Calvey Jr. from Jennings Calvey Funeral & Cremation Services, who highlighted the profound impact of volunteers like Charlene on the community and the individuals they serve.

Charlene’s exemplary service not only enhances the lives of those she directly touches but also uplifts the entire hospice community. Her ability to turn personal grief into a powerful force for good is a profound inspiration, embodying the true spirit of volunteerism and setting a high standard for future recipients of this honor. Allied Services Hospice & Palliative Care is proud to recognize Charlene Cardwell as the 2023 Hospice Star Volunteer, thanking her for her unwavering dedication, compassion, and commitment to making a difference.