HNB Supports Wayne County Public Library with EITC Donation

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The Honesdale National Bank was once again authorized to make approved contributions under the Commonwealth’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) Program. HNB designated $20,000 of their approved allotment to the missions of the Wayne County Public Library. The funds, donated by HNB, will support students with e-resources and virtual programming within the seven-library system including the following local libraries: Bethany, Hamlin, Hawley, Newfoundland, Northern Wayne, Pleasant Mount, and the WCPL (Honesdale).

Along with the e-resources, equipment will be purchased to provide virtual programming for those who cannot get to the library. Some resources include free online tutoring, online SAT/ACT classes, free access to the Get a Five program for those in Advanced Placement classes, hundreds of tutorials and videos, Learning Express Library, Teen Health & Wellness, Prenda Coding, and STEM Online Resources.

HNB President & CEO David Raven stated, “We are privileged to have the opportunity to provide local support to organizations like the Wayne County Public Library with funds through the EITC program.” He continued, “We are glad to see this contribution go towards program upgrades along with advancement of technology and resources.” Tracy Schwarz, Wayne County Public Library Director, mentioned, “The Libraries are working hard to provide programming, equipment, and education to support student learning in creative new ways.” She said, “In Addition, we continue to purchase STEM materials, computers, equipment, and other collection materials to further the excitement and education of Wayne County’s students.”