Greater Scranton YMCA Summer Food Program

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Six out of seven kids in need of healthy, nutritious meals may have gone hungry this summer, according to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). With support from the Walmart Foundation, the YMCA worked to fill the gaps through its Summer Food Program, while also responding to a growing hunger crisis in the wake of rising costs of food and economic uncertainty during the pandemic.

According to the USDA, around 30 million kids receive free or reduced-cost meals thanks to the National School Lunch Program. However, once the school year ends, only 14 percent of those same kids are able to access free meals over the summer break, leaving many children without nutritious meals during the summer months. This is at a time when many families are struggling due to rising costs of food and the lingering economic uncertainty following the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Y’s Summer Food Program was available at more than 2,500 locations across the country this summer, including at the Greater Scranton YMCA. From June through August, 2022, the Greater Scranton YMCA served 4,142 meals and 2,782 snacks to 235 children here in the Greater Scranton region.

During the school year, the Greater Scranton YMCA will also serve healthy meals and snacks in its afterschool program and early childhood education program to provide kids with nourishment and academic enrichment.

“Hunger has a lasting impact on the development of children,” says Trish Fisher, President & CEO, Greater Scranton YMCA. “Giving kids access to nutrient-dense meals allows kids to focus, learn and become empowered to reach their full potential. The Y’s Summer Food Program, along with our Food Program offered during the school year, helps make sure kids can enjoy healthy and delicious meals and snacks throughout the course of the year.”

To learn more about the Greater Scranton YMCA’s Food Program and Early Childhood Education Program, contact Tressa Parker, Education Director, at