Didgebridge Unveils “Patient 360 Journey-Service”

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Didgebridge is set to launch an innovative solution tailored for Chamber Member Hospitals and Clinics, addressing the challenge of “Post Covid Growth Re-Acceleration”. The “Patient 360 Journey-Service” offers a comprehensive approach to tackle growth re-acceleration obstacles, including patient anxiety, engagement, loyalty, retention, and data privacy concerns.

This pioneering service guides patients from initial contact to discharge, reducing anxiety and enhancing engagement by providing directions, parking details, surgery explanations, and more. With a focus on patient loyalty, the service fosters a long-term relationship through private, SMS-text-video interactions.

Didgebridge’s solution enables healthcare providers to retain patient loyalty over 20 years, resulting in significant future medical service value. By leveraging a proprietary SMS text-based loyalty platform, the service ensures lasting connections with patients while complying with opt-in regulations.

Didgebridge’s “Patient 360 Journey-Service” redefines patient engagement, loyalty, and data privacy for the post-Covid era, empowering healthcare institutions for sustained success.