The Greater Scranton region is a location of choice for relocating and expanding businesses. Poised as a hub of innovative business activity, northeast Pennsylvania offers an award-winning workforce, low operating costs, booming business climate and superior quality of life.

Major metropolitan areas including Philadelphia, New York, Northern New Jersey, Harrisburg and Syracuse are all within a two-hour drive of Scranton. Five major interstate highways converge in Scranton, providing access to 80 million consumers within an overnight drive and 80 percent of the nation’s population within two days or less.

Lackawanna County is home to 26 business and industrial parks, ranging from small to large size. The parks all offer a variety of tax and occupancy options, including KOZ tax credits and incubator space.

Number Percent
Northeastern PA 1,167,853 100%
Lackawanna County 214,437 18.36%
*Source: US Census Bureau
Total Population 214,437 100%
Male 103,119 48.1%
Female 111,318 51.9%
Median age (years) 41.8
*Source: US Census Bureau
Total Population 214,437 100%
White 197,296 92.0%
Hispanic or Latino 10,682 5.0%
Black or African American 5,423 2.5%
Puerto Rican 4,656 2.2%
Asian 3,644 1.7%
Other Hispanic or Latino 3,341 1.6%
Mexican 2,463 1.1%
Asian Indian 1,672 0.8%
Other Asian 867 0.4%
Chinese 420 0.2%
American Indian and Alaska Native 330 0.1%
Cuban 222 0.1%
Vietnamese 209 0.1%
Korean 165 0.1%
Filipino 268 0.1%
*Source: US Census Bureau