Women’s Resource Center Safe Dates Program

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For as long as there have been teenagers, there has been teen dating, and it has become increasingly more complicated over time. The Women’s Resource Center Safe Dates program is evidence-based and was created to educate youth on how to identify and prevent dating violence, including identifying aspects of healthy relationships, how to help friends in unhealthy relationships and how to communicate if you or someone you know may be in a dangerous dating situation. This education is designed to stay with teens into adulthood, as their relationships change and deepen.

We are proud to say that, over the past two years, we have reached over 2,000 middle and high school students in Lackawanna County public and private schools…always at no cost to the school district. This year, however, we are working closely with schools to determine how best to continue our program.

“The Safe Dates program might feel less of a priority right now, when schools have many competing priorities complicated further by COVID. But we know that dating and sexual violence don’t stop because other things in the world are happening; it doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Dating and sexual violence still need to be prevented. Youth still need to learn skills to stay calm, communicate, help friends and develop healthy relationships. These are just as relevant now…maybe more so than ever.” – Sarah Dawgert, WRC Education Manager

How Safe Dates is Evolving

We are ready and able to adapt in any way needed!

WRC’s Prevention Team is hard at work developing two virtual options for facilitating the Safe Dates program: a series of pre-recorded videos, and interactive live virtual classes. Both options will be led by a WRC Teen Educator and will keep in mind that, with students learning partially or fully from home, sessions will need to be altered slightly. Our team is eager to put these new plans into place!

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