Whitbeck Insurance Agency: Operations Update

Our insurance office falls under the category of essential business so we are staying open with some major modifications. We have a regular staff of three and we are working in the office only one at a time dividing up days. The other two work remotely and are in constant contact via phone, text and email. Our physical office is open but not to in-person visitors.  We strongly believe in the social distancing policy and are unwilling to bend on that. Successful social distancing will help to mitigate and slow the spread and we are doing our part. We are also paying any bills and payroll early in as many cases as possible to ease any economic pain to the extent that we can. Buying gift cards from local businesses who are or may be suffering in the future is another small way to help. Supporting open restaurants by getting take out to continue to social distance but continue to support vulnerable businesses.  This is the extent to which we are able to contribute positively to the situation as a small office.

In our own interest, as we don’t know the future impact that this  situation will have, we are still fully able to service our clients needs.  If you are working from home or just off from work and stuck at home, we can offer some help in trimming your own expenses.  Our focus is on service and value for our clients so we can review your current insurance policies and offer competitive and superior products usually at a cost savings.  This would be a great time for a review like that for anyone, particularly for businesses and individuals with concerns over expenses in this evolving situation and would be a great way to mutually benefit Chamber members.

My office and I can be contacted any time at 570-587-4686, michael@whitbeckinsurance.com or via the chat feature on our website at www.whitbeckinsurance.com