The Women’s Resource Center Announces Receipt of $12,000 Grant

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The Women’s Resource Center is excited to announce receipt of a $12,000 grant from The Robert H. Spitz Foundation, administered by the Scranton Area Community Foundation.

WRC provides rental assistance and collaborates with our community partners to provide housing for families in crisis. However, there are a multitude of unique needs that every family has that once provided would enable them to obtain financial self-sufficiency. Economic abuse, which is more common than physical abuse, can leave a survivor with their entire financial support structure disintegrated and often leads to job loss.  

WRC Advocates will rely on support from this contribution to be able to work with each family to provide resources and information to assist them in obtaining their GED, enrolling in a job-training program, entering college or a trade school, and/or securing employment. The funds also will be designated to the following areas: 

  • Rent and/or security deposits, replacement of furnishings, clothing, small household items, phone minutes, and license/registration fees
  • Textbooks, school materials, laptops, and other necessary learning materials. School/work apparel, transportation to school/work, childcare, tuition, GED expenses, and other school-related fees. 
  • Veterinary services, kenneling, and pet food & supplies for program participant pets so that they do not have to be left behind. 

“Poverty limits the choices and resources available to survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Only through comprehensive services that focus on the whole person can the community break the intergenerational cycle of violence and poverty for children, teens, and young adults,” said Peg Ruddy, Executive Director, Women’s Resource Center. 

A huge thank you to the Robert H. Spitz Foundation for making this grant possible.