The Small Business Spotlight Is On… Sho Technology Solutions

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The Small Business Spotlight Is On…
Sho Technology Solutions
Scranton, PA
Member since 2016

Applying technology to your business will inevitably lead to success—that’s the guiding principle for Scranton-based Sho Technology Solutions, which specializes in software development, consulting and maintenance. Boasting the ability to create custom web, desktop and mobile apps for businesses, Sho Technology solutions helps bring new technology to long-standing institutions and helps them bring their services to the future. Meet owner and founder Jason Washo in this month’s Small Business Spotlight…

What inspired you to start your business?

I’ve always had the desire to start my own business. I started to create websites for local companies when I was in high school. I quickly realized that I didn’t have the necessary skills to start a business, so I went to college and entered the workforce as fast as I possibly could. I spent the first 15 years of my career working for Diversified Information Technologies (now EDM Group), where I had the opportunity to learn about running a technology business: business operations, finance, sales, information technology, and just plain, good old work ethic. Having that solid training allowed me to fulfill my dream of running my own business and have it succeed.

What is the number one request clients make of your company and why?

Software development is not an inexpensive purchase. Just like building a house, you want to know that your builder has great knowledge and quality, fair pricing, and can actually finish the job. Software development is a very easy type of project to leave incomplete, so the number one request my clients have and trust my company with is the drive to completion.

Why should businesses start using a cloud service?

Running a server room is expensive and, frankly, a pain. We wouldn’t be in business if we had to sell thousands of dollars’ worth of computer hardware to support the software we build. Using cloud computing allows our clients to have private and secure environments on geographically-distributed and “always on” hardware to ensure the software is always running. Also, the cost scales nicely with the software usage.

What are other services you provide?

Where software development is the prime focus of my business, we also offer consulting, maintenance of existing software and retail. My goal is to perfect the outsourced-CTO (Chief Technology Officer) model.

How has the Chamber helped your business?

The Chamber has helped my business in many ways. First is the newly-branded and remodeled IGNITE Program at the Scranton Enterprise Center. The program is designed to start the small business ignition for companies just like mine by offering affordable rent, great business advice, collaborative workspaces, and access to basically any asset. I also serve on the Skills in Scranton board at the Chamber, offering my services to help enrich the workforce in the area. I’m literally surrounded by people who want my company to succeed, which is a great feeling.